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From good roots — the benefits of ginger

From good roots

For thousands of years, eastern cultures have prized ginger as both a healing food and medicine. This special root, from the same family as turmeric and cardamom was used as a natural remedy to relieve indigestion, nausea and vomiting.

Whilst originating from South-east-Asia, it spread across Asia and found itself as part of the spice trade being exported to Europe in ancient Roman times. Since then, the popularity of ginger as a spice and medicine then spread throughout the world, with its many health benefits well documented.

The healing property of ginger comes from the volatile oils, such as gingerols, which are responsible for the unique aroma and taste.

Ginger can be especially great to boost circulation, which may help to keep your fingers and toes from the cold. Containing natural anti-inflammatories, ginger can also help congestion and aid the digestive system.


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Quick facts

Ginger can be used fresh, sliced up, or grated, however dried forms can be equally as effective. Most common ways to incorporate ginger in your diet can be in cooking or simply drinking it as a tea.

  • Ginger can aid digestion. Ginger is known to increase the production of saliva and other fluids in your digestive system, which can alleviate indigestion.
  • Ginger can relieve nausea.
  • Ginger can have anti-inflammatory benefits;
  • Easing sore throats or headaches, which can ease a cold or flu.
  • Ginger has a naturally warming effect and can help boost circulation.

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