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Our story

Matcha.lab was brought together by the passion of two friends. We are Bridget and Ziggy, two Australian graphic designers addicted to matcha. What began as a one-off alternative to coffee intrigued us and quickly replaced it as our go-to drink. 

As creatives, the Japanese design aesthetic inspires the way we work. We believe in the simplicity of a quality product standing alone in its beauty so our matcha is made with purity of the materials first in mind. We combine this with our love of Japanese pop culture and its joyous lightheartedness. Our product is seriously good, but it’s also just delicious fun. Matcha.lab unites a little of all the qualities that we like about Japanese design, both visually and in spirit.

The more we became obsessed with matcha, the more we wanted to share the experience with our friends. While working for a studio, we had the desire to work on something personal that was meaningful for us and for others. Matcha.lab has evolved a lot thanks to the help of our talented friends in the creative industry.

We created matcha.lab as an opportunity to work with people we admire.

We admire matcha for bringing people together.

If you share our ideals, please get in touch.