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What is matcha?

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Matcha is the oldest and most premium variety of green tea in Japan. Selected tea plants are grown carefully under shade for 4 weeks. The leaves are steamed, stemmed and deveined before being stone ground into a very fine green matcha powder. Unlike whole leaf tea which is steeped, matcha is served by whisking the powder in hot water. Matcha contains more nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and polyphenols than other teas. 

Unmatchable quality

We spent months sourcing and tasting different varieties of matcha and found our perfect match in Japan; renowned for its pristine tea fields and perfect growing conditions, which results in a better tasting product. 

Superior matcha
  • Vibrant bright green appearance
  • Fine, light texture
  • Strong, fresh leafy notes
  • Produces a smooth, frothy top when whisked
  • Smooth and creamy mouth-feel
  • Naturally sweet and slightly vanilla
  • Stored in a foil lined package or tin 
Inferior matcha
  • Dull yellowish-brown appearance
  • Coarse and lumpy texture
  • Stale and musty smelling odour
  • Rough appearance when whisked
  • Lumpy and coarse
  • Stale and bitter astringent flavour
  • Stored in a plastic or clear package
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    What is the difference between matcha and green tea?

    Only the best tea plants are used to make matcha, they are shade grown for 4 weeks, steamed, stemmed, deveined and ground into a fine green powder. Contrast that with a typical tea leaf which is wilted, rolled and left to oxidise to develop the tannins (the typical bitter flavour associated with tea) and then dried. The oxidisation process removes a lot of the antioxidants and nutrients in the tea leaf, whereas that is preserved in matcha. This also means a superior grade matcha is naturally mellower and less bitter than a lower grade of matcha.

    The production of matcha is a very laborious and time consuming process, making it costly to purchase. As a way to cut costs, some brands skip crucial steps in production, which results in a non-matcha product and, rather, just ground green tea leaves.

    Matcha.lab is grown, ground and packaged in Japan by sustainable farmers using century old techniques. This guarantees that we commit to the purity of the matcha. We are a small company that only orders small quantities frequently so as to ensure fresh stock. We focus our attention on one product only and do it to a high standard.

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    Is matcha.lab organic?

    Yes, our matcha is organic and completely vegan! During our taste test, we discovered that only an organic sample lived up to our standards of taste, colour, and nutritional value.

    A good quality matcha is shade grown, hand-picked, and sorted according to size and appearance, which then determines their grade. Premium grade matcha is made up of small leaves, while culinary grade is made up of large, older leaves and even the stems and veins of the bush. Small, young tea leaves provide the highest concentration of nutrients, so it’s best to use a superior quality grade.

    Matcha.lab is a finer quality culinary grade matcha. It is carefully crafted to ensure the highest concentration of nutrients and antioxidants are delivered to the body, while still being versatile enough to use blended, baked, or whisked.